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About d3Dp

This wiki is a complementary resource to my main projects, one of them is hosted on CadHub, currently in pre-Alfa. I do not contribute anything to that project, I am just a member of their community and I use the same tools they create, evolve, maintain and / or use.

Up until now my main tool was the OpenSCAD GUI on the GNU/Linux (Debian with MATE) desktop. With CadHub that is likely to change, and I started migrating to that web tool. My use case is relatively simple, the models I create do not use exotic shapes or processes. I use this wiki to document my own designs, mostly for myself. If you are an experienced draftsman I highly doubt you are going to find anything useful here.

Some of the stuff here are proprietary - I work for an employer. I do not own everything I design, some I created on “company time”, and the only entity having full ownership to everything on this wiki is my employer. I wrote this because some of my scripts are not functional, and this might be one reason why: I keep the engineering data private, to protect my employers' best interest.

Just in case I copyright this wiki BY-NC, for the same reason. Again, this wiki has not commercial value, so the licensing should not affect you in any way.

Thanks for reading!

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